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Search engines

Building an attractive website does not mean that your customers will ever see it.

If your web site is not search engine friendly, then it will not be seen by Google and other search engines. It is not enough just to build a good looking site. It needs to be optimised for it to be visible.

Digitalplot work in conjunction with our partners to help businesses capitalise on their internet experience, by providing professional web building/development, search engine optimisation, promotion and web marketing services.

Content will always be your key ticket to top rankings. Without it, any rankings achieved will be short-lived. For content to help your ranking, however, you need a lot of it and it has to be updated regularly. Most importantly, each page of content must target a specific keyword term.

Unfortunately, getting a good listing on the search engines can take many months; so basically, there is no time to lose!

Best practice is to:

  • consider which keywords your visitors will use to find you and then incorporate those words into the content of your site. Excellent places for keywords include: the very top of the page (the title), the headline, sub headlines, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph;
  • choose your domain name with a keyword that is important to your business;
  • make sure your site is link-worthy. ie, don’t link to rubbish sites;
  • regularly update your content. A static site will gradually slide down the ranking. Google will love you for it as they are keen on websites which provide regular changes;
  • don’t use Flash or text represented as images — search engines can’t read these; and the most important thing of all
  • write compelling copy, which should be useful, revealing or entertaining.