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The Panel Editor

A lot of people like to be able to update their own sites but a full content management system can prove very costly so Digitalplot offers a cost-effective solution that can added to any site, even after it has been finished.

It’s just a case of adding some extra code, which gives access to a simple login and control panel, which is very easy to use. A full instruction manual is also supplied.

The Panel Editor is as simple to use as a word processing package and you will be able to:

  • Add a heading;
  • Add paragraphs;
  • Format text as bold and italic;
  • Add an address;
  • Create a link to another page;
  • Create a link to a downloadable file;
  • Insert a picture with a border;
  • Use the Preview button to view your panel.

Because some needs are more complex than others, the cost of our self-updateable pages can vary, but starts at £100.